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Organizational Associate Membership

NYSCADV has two levels of membership: 1) Program Members and 2) Organizational Associate Members. Annual dues are effective for each calendar year (from January 1-December 31). All members must subscribe to and adhere to NYSCADV’s mission, vision and philosophy.

Our Mission:
NYSCADV works to create and support the social change necessary to prevent and confront all forms of domestic violence.

Our Vision for the Future:
The collective voices of survivors and advocates as expressed through the Coalition will strengthen public and private responses and prioritize domestic violence as a human rights issue.

Our Philosophy:
• Anti-oppression principles will be adopted by the domestic violence movement and other social change organizations;
• Policy, programs, and practice will be survivor/victim focused;
• Domestic violence survivors/victims and their children will have total access to appropriate services;
• We will have a strong commitment to provide member programs support, information, and policy guidance;
• We will implement a comprehensive strategy to enhance and sustain diverse funding for programs; and
• Inclusive collaboration will be the foundation for all of our strategies.

Who Is Eligible To Apply:
Organizational Associate Members shall consist of any organization, program, or entity in New York which is concerned with domestic violence and intimate partner sexual violence and which subscribes to the mission, philosophy and purposes of NYSCADV. Organizational Associate Members are non-voting members.

NYSCADV Regions:
NYSCADV has divided New York State into nine geographic regions: Western, Southern Tier, Central, Mid-Hudson, Capital, Northeast, Lower Hudson, New York City and Long Island. See the NYSCADV Region Map to determine which region your organization is located in. The map is available electronically at

Staff Members From Organizational Associate Members Can Access:
• Discounted cost to trainings, webinars, the Annual Meeting & conferences;
• Eligibility to strategize and plan with other regional members for a NYSCADV training tailored to meet your region’s needs;
• Travel stipends and scholarships to NYSCADV conferences, trainings and events as available;
• Technical assistance either by phone, email, or in person meetings; and
• Advanced/priority registration for trainings, conferences & the Annual Meeting (secondary to Program Members).

NYSCADV Shares Information With Organizational Associate Members Through:
• The NYSCADV Update: an electronic newsletter with topics of interest to NYSCADV members; and
• The NYSCADV Policy Update: an electronic newsletter with policy information relevant to victims and service providers.

NYSCADV Promotes The Work Of Organizational Associate Members Through:
• Member program spotlights in the NYSCADV Update;
• Member program spotlights on NYSCADV social media pages;
• Promotion of member program logos in the NYSCADV Annual Report; and
• Displaying member program logos and website links on the NYSCADV website.

Organizational Associate Membership Dues:
Are based on the operating budget of the DV Program:
• $92.50 for programs with an operating budget less than $100,000
• $250 for programs with an operating budget between $100,000 and $499,999
• $437.50 for programs with an operating budget between $500,000 and $999,999
• $625 for programs with an operating budget between $1,000,000 and $4,999,999
• $1,250 for programs with an operating budget between $5,000,000 and $9,999,999
• $2,500 for programs with an organizational operating budget over $10,000,000

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