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Building Connections Arts & Hearts Collaboration

Thursday, January 27, 2022
3:30 pm4:30 pm

We welcome survivors of trauma who are in a safe and stable place and who are on the journey of making meaning in their lives.

We welcome service providers from any discipline who actively work with trauma survivors. Working with you, we plan to provide a 45-minute uplifting remote session to raise our spirits and enthusiasm!

In 2022 we are offering quarterly virtual meeting spaces for informal conversation about how to support our well-being through the expression of our "hearts & arts".

Please come and share your unique forms of self-expression that help you navigate the rapids of our turbulent times.
Feel free to invite colleagues and associates.

We will plan for two facilitators to share something at each meeting that supports their life and sense of well-being. We are sharing our hearts so there’s no need to feel pressure to provide a formal presentation. Please connect with Chrys, Deb or Karen to sign up to share an offering for one of the scheduled quarterly meeting dates listed above.

*Please note that Zoom registration is required in advance of this meeting to accommodate any language or access needs and to support facilitation preparation:

Thank you to our Sponsors!