In 2006, a New York State Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Consortium (Consortium) was developed to provide state level leadership and support in challenging and reshaping the social conditions and norms that condone and promote domestic violence, and to facilitate a statewide planning process regarding the primary prevention of domestic violence. The Consortium brings together a vital mix of formal organizational collaboration along with broad community support through the inclusion of a multidisciplinary group of experienced prevention practitioners, stakeholders, and advocates. 

Strategic Directions for the Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence in New York State is the result of the Consortium’s planning process and was originally published in 2010. This is an updated version that reflects current data and knowledge gained throughout the process of implementing the plan. Cognizant of the fact that domestic violence is an issue that calls for community-oriented approaches to stopping abuse before it can begin, this plan is informed by extensive stakeholder interviews; assessment of community profile data including the scope of the problem of domestic violence in New York State; and the review of existing approaches to prevention used in community contexts throughout New York State. The compilation of this information led to four strategic directions that construct a blueprint of goals, creating a comprehensive approach to preventing domestic violence in New York. The four strategic directions are:

  • Strengthen the existing capacity of domestic violence programs to promote primary prevention of domestic violence.
  • Promote coordination among the public sector entities within the Intimate Partner Violence Prevention System in New York.
  • Support the dissemination of primary prevention strategies for youth and young adults in non-school based settings.
  • Support the dissemination of primary prevention strategies for youth and young adults in school based settings.

Be a part of creating a New York free of intimate partner violence! To find out more about how you can become involved, contact Lorien Castelle, NYSCADV's Director of Prevention at 1-585-413-0887.