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NYSCADV Budget Advocacy Day 2017

Monday, February 13th we are hosting a virtual Statewide Budget Advocacy Day. This is an opportunity for all of you to call, fax, and email your legislators and Governor Cuomo to let them know about the specific needs of domestic violence organizations and the survivors they serve around the state (see below for budget priorities). We will also be using social media to spread the message, and ask programs and allies to join us in this effort. We encourage survivors to contact their elected officials to let them know how important these issues are. 

We will be posting more detailed information about the campaign in the days to come. This will include sample call dialogues, emails, letters and social media posts. NYSCADV will be scheduling in person meetings with key legislators and officials within the Executive Chamber that same day. 

Let's send the Legislature and Governor's office a resounding message from every domestic violence program in New York State - that they must make the budget count for survivors of domestic violence!

Click here to view the NYSCADV Budget Advocacy Day Toolbox.

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Save The Date - Legislative Advocacy Day 2016!
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Save The Date - Legislative Advocacy Day 2016!


Thousands of New Yorkers are impacted by abuse - in fact, New York has the highest demand for domestic violence services in the country. Our state must respond with solutions that meet the diverse needs of survivors and their families, and that work to prevent domestic violence from occurring in the first place.

As a coalition representing domestic violence programs and the survivors they serve across New York State, NYSCADV knows that the best legislation comes when the voices of survivors and advocates are heard. And this is what NYSCADV's annual Legislative Advocacy Day is for: to convey a unified message, representative of the unique needs of a diverse range of survivors, to our state government that will protect rights, promote justice, and prevent domestic violence.

NYSCADV is pleased to announce that Mary Kay, Inc. is serving as the primary sponsor for our 2016 Legislative Advocacy Day! Through their Lobbying For Good program, Mary Kay staff and members of their independent sales force work in collaboration with state domestic violence coalitions to lobby Congress and state legislatures on issues including the Violence Against Women Act and, most recently, teen dating violence awareness and prevention. We are excited that Mary Kay will be sponsoring a lunch for LAD participants and will be joining advocates from across the state to support our legislative advocacy efforts.

On May 3rd, join a vibrant, diverse and innovative group of advocates and allies from across New York State to raise our voices and relay a unified message to the legislature and governor: it's time to stop stonewalling and pass meaningful legislation to protect survivors of domestic violence in New York State!

Get More Information and Register for LAD 2016!

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