Domestic Violence and Disasters: Trauma-Informed Strategies for Advocacy (Southern Tier Region)

  • Owego Tredway Inn & Conference Center 110 State Route 17C Owego, NY 13827 USA

Barriers experienced by victims of domestic violence in disasters become even more complex as legal systems, social services, and other community resources are disrupted. Domestic violence programs also face challenges to sustain the wellbeing and resilience of staff after disasters strike. Disaster preparedness is important, and practices focused on response, recovery and mitigation are equally important. These issues pose additional challenges requiring practice, collaboration, and relationships with other local agencies.

The training for domestic violence advocates includes the following topics:

  • Challenges that are specific to domestic violence advocacy in crisis and disaster situations;
  • Concrete ways to assess and safety plan with survivors during times of crisis and disaster; and
  • Understanding compassion fatigue, the impact it has on our work as advocates, and ways to sustain wellness and resilience in multiple areas of our lives.

Based on cutting edge research and practitioner evidence, these training modules are designed so that attendees can take the information back to educate their own programs, disaster responder, and communities about domestic violence specific disaster.

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