You can use the template call scripts below to plan your conversation with Governor Cuomo, your Representatives, and Legislative Leadership.


You can reach the Governor's Office by calling 1-518-474-8390.



To ensure the strongest impact, we're asking everyone to call / email /fax / tag the following legislative leaders (contact information is available by clicking on their name):

Carl E. Heastie, Assembly Speaker

John J. Flanagan, Senate Temporary President and Majority Leader

Helene E. Weinstein Assembly Ways and Means Committee Chair

Catharine Young, Senate Finance Committee Chair

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You may use the script available below or download a copy here: Template Call Script To New York State Governor/ Legislators 

Hello, my name is ___________ and I am a/an {advocate, program director, executive director, etc.} at {your organization}.  I’d like to speak to a staff person who handles budget related issues for the {Governor/Senator/Assemblymember}.

{Reintroduce yourself to the staffer}.

Today is the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Budget Advocacy Day and along with other domestic violence advocates all over the state, I am calling you to share a number of our concerns regarding the New York State budget. We ask that you work with the Legislature to ensure no survivor of domestic violence is ever turned away from the services they seek, and that New York State begins to meaningfully invest in primary prevention so that we can stem the tide of violence and stop it before it starts.

The 2016 New York State Domestic Violence Census[1] numbers are staggering. New York State had the highest demand for domestic violence services in the country, for two years in a row. Here are just a few of the numbers:         

·         In just ONE day in 2016, 6,868 victims were served, of which 2,761 received non-residential services

·         1,390  requests for services went unmet because of critical funding and staffing shortages – an increase of 45% from 2015

·         199 local domestic violence program staff positions, were reduced or eliminated between 2015 – 2016[2]

In light of these troubling numbers, we ask that you ensure the following items are prioritized in the final budget:

1)     Remove Firearms from Domestic Violence Offenders. The connections between domestic violence, mass shootings, and gun violence are clear. In 90% of the deadliest mass shootings in United States history, the shooter had a history of committing domestic violence. When an abusive partner is permitted to access firearms, the risk that their partner will be killed also increases substantially. New York must do more to prevent homicides, and it is critical for the legislature to take a stand to remove firearms from domestic violence offenders.

2)     Fix existing problems in funding for local domestic violence programs across the state as a result of years of flat or reduced investments by accepting the FY2019 Executive Budget proposal for $3 million in TANF funding for non-residential domestic violence services and add $3 million from each house to the FY2019 Executive Budget proposal to address the needs of survivors of domestic violence; and

3)     Create a domestic violence primary prevention funding stream by establishing a $17.25 million fund in the public protection budget that will be dispersed through coordinated support to NYSCADV and local domestic violence programs statewide. Research has shown the cost of a single homicide can be well over $17.25 million - we are requesting funds at this level to demonstrate New York State’s commitment to preventing far-reaching tragedies of domestic violence[3].

4)     Restore, stabilize and increase funding for critical civil legal services for domestic violence victims statewide in order to address the high demand for civil legal services by survivors of domestic violence.

5)     Provide funding for local domestic violence programs to collaborate with colleges and universities in implementing the Enough Is Enough mandates for campuses across the state in order to adequately address dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. This support is intended to complement the $4.5 million already provided in support for rape crisis programs for sexual assault prevention.

If the {Governor/Senator/Assemblymember} has any questions or would like more information, I can be reached at {phone number}, or you can contact Jane Ni, Policy and Community Engagement Coordinator, at the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence at 518-482-5465. Thank you for your time!


[1]National Network to End Domestic Violence, 2016 Domestic Violence Counts: A 24-Hour Census of Domestic Violence Shelters and Services DV Counts

[2] National Network to End Domestic Violence, 2015 Domestic Violence Counts: A 24-Hour Census of Domestic Violence Shelters and Services DV Counts

[3] Delisi, Kosloski, Sween, et. al. 2010. Murder by Numbers: Monetary Costs Imposed by a Sample of Homicide Offenders. The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology. 21(4). P 501-503.