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Virtual Legislative Day of Action

On May 12, 2020, survivors, domestic violence advocates, community members and allies will join together for NYSCADV’s Virtual Legislative Day of Action!

Together, we will advocate #Safety4Survivors by taking to Facebook, Twitter, email, phone and video to promote policies that invest in domestic violence programs and improve services for victims and their families.


Emergency Funding Needed Now to Sustain DV Services for Victims

For years, New York State led the country in its demand for domestic violence services. This demand was outpacing New York’s investment in DV services, which has remained flat for years. Now, DV service providers are struggling to re-direct what little funding they get to provide critical services to DV survivors during the COVID-19 pandemic. DV programs, as essential service providers, are pivoting to offer remote advocacy services to those unwilling to come into shelter, and enhancing social distancing and isolation protocols for residents already in shelter. Yet New York’s 30-year-old service delivery system, which is based on an outdated per diem reimbursement model, results in less funding for DV service agencies during this crucial time.

Help NYSCADV spread the word that we cannot wait any longer. We must eliminate the per diem reimbursement policies for DV shelter and instead allocate significant state-originating dollars to ensure victims receive the assistance they need to stay safe and protect their families. DV service agencies should be provided with flexible emergency funding to enable them to provide economic stability grants directly to survivors. And additional funding must be available for purchases of personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies, food services, building modifications to enhance social distancing, remote technologies and staff compensation and benefits.

Click on the below links to download interactive toolkit and materials: