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Words of Advocates & Needs of Survivors

Words of Advocates & Needs of Survivors

For four years in a row, New York State has had the highest demand for domestic violence services in the country. But what are the needs of survivors? What do advocates highlight from their experiences working with victims?

October is domestic violence awareness month. It is a time when survivors come forward to share their stories, both directly and through the words of advocates. At the NYS Coalition Against Domestic Violence, we educate advocates, policy makers, and the public about victims' most pressing needs, both during abusive relationships and after they decide to leave.

Join us in sharing these stories on social media platforms. Use the #NYDVAM & #DVAM2019 hashtags in your posts to highlight the amazing work happening all over the state to build awareness and prevent domestic violence. You can follow the campaign on our Facebook and Twitter pages where we'll be highlighting the work being done by our member programs across New York State to support survivors and end domestic violence. 

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