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Press Release: Domestic Violence Survivors to Receive Financial Education and Job Training as Result of Allstate, NYSCADV Economic Empowerment Grants

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September 4, 2019                                                                              

CONTACT:       Connie Neal, Executive Director



Albany, NY — Brighter Tomorrows, Inc., on Long Island, and YWCA NorthEastern NY in Schenectady, have been selected by the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NYSCADV) to receive economic empowerment grants to support survivors of financial abuse. NYSCADV was granted the funding by the Allstate Foundation’s “Purple Purse Moving Ahead” program.

Connie Neal, executive director of NYSCADV, said, “Survivors of domestic violence face serious challenges, not the least of which is financial abuse. This type of abuse may be subtle or overt but in general includes tactics to conceal information or limit the survivor’s access to assets. These grants will enable local domestic violence agencies to help survivors overcome the financial challenges they will meet. Survivors will explore the options available to them and identify available community resources to assist them in building financially independent lives.”

With the new funding, Brighter Tomorrows and YWCA NorthEastern NY will provide survivors with financial education services, asset-building activities in job readiness, job training, and credit building skills. Each program will receive an annual award of $21,250. The agencies’ programming will be based on a curriculum developed by the Allstate Foundation and the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

Dolores Kordon, Executive Director of Brighter Tomorrows said: “Financial literacy is a key component for survivors of domestic violence as it leads to independence and freedom from abuse. We are very proud to be part of the Allstate Project and a member of NYSCADV. These collaborations enable domestic violence agencies like Brighter Tomorrows to widen the scope of our work and ultimately help more victims.”

Lauren Trunko, Director of Women and Family Services of YWCA NorthEastern NY said: “Through our collaboration with NYSCADV and the Allstate Project award, YWCA NENY is thrilled to be able to enhance our existing economic empowerment services for survivors of domestic violence.  Being able to provide up-to-date technology for survivors to navigate our ever changing web-based society meets a need and fills a gap in what we are currently unable to accomplish with clients.  This will enhance our efficiency and provide better access for survivors to move forward and become self-sufficient.”

The YWCA NorthEastern NY intends to use the funding to establish computer stations for survivors to complete online coursework as they work with an advocate to find employment. YWCA NENY will also offer professional clothing for survivors for job interviews and the workplace. Brighter Tomorrows intends to launch the “Latinas Avanzando” project to assist Spanish-speaking domestic violence survivors with achieving financial independence. Working in partnership with a local bank and community partners, Brighter Tomorrows will provide resources for survivors to establish and repair their credit. A portion of the program will focus on building credit of immigrant survivors who do not have credit histories in the United States.

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About the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

Founded in 1978, NYSCADV is a statewide membership organization working to create and support the social change necessary to prevent and confront all forms of domestic violence. NYSCADV’s membership includes local domestic violence service providers, survivors, allies, and community members committed to ending domestic violence. NYSCADV’s mission is achieved through activism, training, prevention, technical assistance and legislative advocacy. For more information about NYSCADV, visit