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June 2023

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Upcoming NYSCADV Events

  • NYSCADV is participating in a national project called "Restoryation", that will use storytelling as a way to understand the collective experience of domestic violence service providers of the past few years. The covid-19 pandemic affected advocates across the state in a myriad of ways; New York State has a valuable story to add to this national project that will analyze and advocate for how covid-19 has affected domestic violence advocacy.

    Along with uplifting New York State’s unique pandemic experience and needs, this needs assessment workshop focuses on addressing key concerns that have emerged from the pandemic: sustainability, retention, and organizational care. The Restoryation curriculum combines oral and visual storytelling to provide a restorative space for processing trauma, healing collectively, and building connection.

    Each workshop takes place in a carefully selected, nourishing environment to sustain a healing-centered, holistic and invigorating practice, including: a Zen Garden and meditation hall, a historic NYC sanctuary, a National Geographic award-winning lodge, a 95-acre Catskill haven, and a lake-side culinary gallery. Breakfast and lunch are provided at each workshop.

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New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NYSCADV) maintains an event calendar on the NYSCADV website. If you are planning a training or event and would like NYSCADV to add to the calendar, let us know by completing the event form at the link below.

*Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. 

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