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Reproductive Rights are Human Rights

NYSCADV believes reproductive rights are human rights. The recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which effectively overturned Roe v. Wade, causes grave concern as it is removing a critical health option for millions of people.

Domestic violence is about power and control. Many abusers choose to weaponize a partner’s bodily autonomy and reproductive choice as tools of violence and coercion. Preventing a partner from having an abortion is abuse. Forcing a partner to stay pregnant is, unfortunately, an effective way of keeping them dependent and trapped. When survivors can choose for themselves whether to continue pregnancies, their safety is enhanced as they move forward in creating new lives for themselves.

In New York State, abortion remains safe and legal thanks to the 2019 passage of the Reproductive Health Act. The state remains a safe harbor for people seeking abortion care, but the Supreme Court decision does not change the fact that millions of pregnant people across the country will be harmed. 

Reproductive rights and access to abortion are critical to survivors’ health, safety, and autonomy.

In the event a survivor is seeking abortion services, here are a few resources:

Additional national resources include:

  • Abortion Finder is a free and confidential tool that helps abortion care seekers locate an abortion provider. 
  • The National Network of Abortion Funds is a tool that connects abortion care seekers with organizations that can support their financial and logistical needs.