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Today is Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV)

Today, March 31st, is Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV).  TDOV is an annual day dedicated to celebrating transgender and gender-expansive people, supporting and advocating with the TGNC community, and mobilizing to resist attacks on trans lives. While significant progress has been made in recent years, with more visibility than ever before, TGNC youth and adults are still fighting for basic human rights. In 2023, over 300 anti-trans bills have been introduced across 44 states. The TGNC community experiences heightened levels of violence; including elevated risk of experiencing domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking while facing increased barriers to services. There’s more work to be done.

The time to dismantle barriers to service while intentionally engaging with and uplifting the needs of TGNC survivors of domestic violence is NOW. Whether your agency has a long-standing history of authentically serving TGNC survivors or is just starting on this journey, here are a few resources to be celebrated this TDOV.

But first, celebrate trans joy and visibility with this video from the Transgender Law Center.

Upcoming Trainings

Building Blocks Training Series: Creating Safer Spaces for LGB TGNC Survivors of Violence
Hosted by In Our Own Voices

LGBT 101

Monday, April 3rd 2023 from 3-4:30pm EST

This workshop is aimed for individuals new to working with LGBT/LGBT people of color communities. Register here.


Monday, April 10th, 2023 from 3-4:30pm EST

The goal of this training is to allow providers the opportunity to critically analyze their organizations and themselves to ensure a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for LGBT individuals- including survivors/victims, agency staff, and community members. Register here.


Thursday, April 13th 2023 from 3-4:30pm EST

The goal of this workshop is to explore the dynamics and impact of sexual violence LGBT individuals experience. Topics on identifying the unique barriers and specific needs of LGBT survivors will be addressed. Participants will be able to explore resources and receive tools on how to support survivors. Register here.

Historical Trauma and Its Impact on LGBT POC Survivors

Wednesday, April 19th 2023 from 3-4:30pm EST

The goal of this workshop is to discuss historical trauma, power/privilege, and working with populations facing barriers and unique needs. By attending this workshop, participants will be able to leave with promising practices that can adapt into their work environment and begin conversations on creating more accessible spaces. Register here.

Resources + Tools
Community Action Toolkit for Addressing IPV Against Transgender People (The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs)

This toolkit was designed to provide communities with strategies to create dialogue on transgender intimate partner violence, ways to support survivors, and identify resources for intimate partner violence.

Self-Assessment Tool: Is Your Agency Ready to Serve Transgender and Non-Binary Clients? (Forge)

This checklist helps agencies check the following areas for trans-competency: Forms and paperwork; Bathroom options; Service options and curriculum; Advertising/publicity; Displayed materials; Referrals; Visible feedback/complaint mechanisms; Tracking clients; and Training.

Trans-Specific Power and Control Tactics (Forge)
*NEW* Supporting LGBTQ+ Stalking Victims: A Guide for Advocates (SPARC and Forge)

This Guide is for victim advocates working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) individuals who may be experiencing stalking. It provides basic information about the dynamics of stalking and safety planning, co-occurring crimes, specific tactics used against LGBTQ+ individuals, safety planning strategies that support LGBTQ+ stalking victims, and issues to be aware of when supporting LGBTQ+ victims.

NYS LGBTQ+ IPV Network Service Access Assessment Toolkit (NYS LGBTQ+ IPV Network)
Community United Against Violence Trainings & Workshops
Anti-Violence Project TTA Center