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Highlights from the 8th Annual Primary Prevention Summit

We're excited to share highlights from the 8th Annual Primary Prevention Summit, a collaborative initiative by NYSCADV and NYSCASA in Albany, NY. This year's gathering brought together over 200 dedicated advocates committed to community safety, healing, and equity.

Harvey Herne of Seven Dancers Coalition set a poignant tone with an impactful opening ceremony, ushering in a powerful event focused on unity and empowerment.

In the plenary sessions, Lisa Fujie Parks of the Prevention Institute shared inspiring stories from her personal and professional journey, emphasizing the importance of building equitable networks for safe relationships, health equity, and domestic violence prevention. Brian Heilman, Deputy Director of Research at Equimundo, delved into insights from Equimundo's "State of American Men Report," sparking crucial conversations about men's roles in gender-based violence prevention. Ponny White of Girls for Gender Equity challenged attendees to proactively shape a future where everyone can thrive, urging action to build a supportive foundation.

The summit featured dynamic workshops exploring specific facets of prevention, including collective storytelling, engaging men, community engagement and healing, youth leadership and health equity, and community-centered evaluation practices.

NYSCADV and NYSCASA extend heartfelt thanks to all presenters, attendees, partners, and our event funders, the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and the New York State Department of Health. Your commitment to preventing domestic violence and fostering safer communities is truly commendable. Together, we shine brighter and build a future that holds us all.


Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being part of this transformative journey!

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