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February is Teen Dating Violence Prevention & Awareness Month

February marks the 14th anniversary of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM), a dedicated effort to shed light on an issue affecting 1 in 3 teens in the United States. This annual observance aims to raise public awareness about teen dating violence and focuses on primary prevention strategies to stop dating violence before it starts.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month is a national initiative that goes beyond merely acknowledging the issue. It seeks to educate and advocate for the prevention of dating violence among adolescents. The key emphasis is on increasing knowledge and awareness about teen dating violence, promoting safe and healthy relationships, and empowering individuals to recognize warning signs.

The month serves as a crucial time for communities, schools, and organizations to come together and engage in conversations about healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors. By fostering dialogue, we create an environment where adolescents feel comfortable discussing their experiences and seeking support. It's an opportunity to empower young individuals with the knowledge needed to build and maintain healthy relationships.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month encourages the identification of innovative strategies to prevent dating abuse from occurring in the first place. Beyond recognizing and addressing the issue, the focus is proactively implementing measures promoting healthy relationships. By instilling the values of respect, communication, and consent, we can create a culture that rejects dating violence.

As we commemorate Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, let us unite in our commitment to preventing dating violence among teens. By fostering education, awareness, and open dialogue, we can create a society where healthy relationships thrive and dating violence becomes a thing of the past. Together, let's build a future where every teenager knows their worth and is empowered to cultivate respectful and nurturing relationships.

Upcoming TDVAM Events:

Instagram Live on @loveisrespectofficial (2/2, 5 PM ET): Tune in for an engaging conversation about teen dating violence prevention and awareness. Experts and advocates will share valuable insights to help communities understand the importance of promoting healthy relationships.

Respect Week (2/5 – 2/9): Join the nationwide Respect Week to actively engage in discussions and activities that emphasize the significance of respect in relationships. This initiative encourages everyone to foster an environment where mutual respect is a cornerstone of all interactions.

Wear Orange Day (2/6): An annual tradition during TDVAM, Wear Orange Day aims to raise awareness about dating violence. By sharing pictures on social media platforms with the hashtag #HealthyRelationships, participants contribute to spreading the message that everyone deserves a healthy and violence-free relationship.


Know Your Worth Campaign: The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NYSCADV) has introduced the "Know Your Worth" companion campaign to support DV programs across New York State. This initiative includes a toolkit with graphics and text that can be utilized throughout the month to enhance awareness and understanding.

Love is Respect is a project of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Which annually develops a social media guide, action guide, and materials to participate in Love is Respect Week.

This year, Love is Respect’s theme is Love Like That. Check out the resources they share associated with this theme, and consider how you can use them in your communities.