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End Tab: Ask a Cybersecurity Expert: Student and Victim Safety

Friday, October 16, 2020
2:00 pm3:00 pm

Do you work with students or victims and have questions when they are harmed online or through their devices? Ever wish you could connect with a cybersecurity expert for help? Then we have some great news. Meet Matt.

In this interactive webinar, we are joined by cybersecurity expert (and all-around amazing person) Matt Mosley, who is the Director of Incident Response & Forensics at Tevora. Matt will be answering your questions (submitted in advance and during the webinar) about the intersection of gender-based violence & technology-enabled abuse.

Sample questions:
Can someone find a student's location via Zoom?
Does factory resetting a phone make it safe?
How is social engineering used to harm victims?
Can an attacker listen to a victim through their smart speaker?

Email your questions in advance to

Length: 1 Hour.

Who should attend: Professionals who work with victims of gender-based violence, including: victim advocates, campus advocates, counselors, therapists, teachers, attorneys, title IX staff, investigators, social workers & more.