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Center for Survivor Agency & Justice: Foundations of Survivor Centered Economic Advocacy in the Times of COVID

Monday, November 16, 2020
3:00 pm4:00 pm

Social isolation efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have had differential and devastating impacts on survivors of intimate partner violence. In addition to increased physical and emotional danger for survivors, COVID-19 has wrought financial havoc. The good news is this: advocates are resourceful and creative, skilled in complex safety planning, experienced in working in the midst of trauma and open to learning and trying new things to help survivors. This workshop will: describe the survivor-centered economic advocacy model; provide tools to engage in meaningful conversations with survivors; and discuss strategies to increase survivor’s economic security in the face of COVID-19. Attendees will walk away being able to: • Identify the economic costs for survivors involved in the court system and explore how COVID exacerbates these costs. • Describe the effectiveness of the survivor centered economic advocacy model in increasing survivor’s financial well being. • Familiarize participants with CSAJ’s “Starting the Economic Conversation Tool” to increase advocates' skills in engaging in meaningful, survivor-centered economic conversations with survivors. • Strategize around prioritization of survivor’s financial needs and think critically about how COVID-19 impacts economic decision making. This webinar is for non-attorney legal advocates (including paralegals, caseworkers, legal advocates, etc) who help survivors navigate court and legal systems. It may also be useful for attorneys and program managers/directors. Non-lawyer legal advocates who receive LAV funding from the Office on Violence Against Women are encouraged to attend.* *Space is limited and non-attorney advocates will be given preference. Reserve your space today!