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EVAWI: Transforming the Way We Respond to Gender-Based Violence

Monday, April 5, 2021
3:00 pm4:30 pm

In April 2021, EVAWI is celebrating ten years since EVAWI first launched the Start by Believing campaign. Over the past decade, 554 US communities have launched campaigns, seeking to improve the way EVAWI respond to sexual and domestic violence, and thousands of people have made the pledge to Start by Believing. Campaigns have been launched in approximately 23 other countries. During this webinar, EVAWI will learn the ways in which Start by Believing can improve justice and healing outcomes for survivors. Learn how a positive response, of believing the survivor, can prevent long-term health and healing consequences such as post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide ideation, and autoimmune disease. EVAWI will also review preliminary evidence suggesting Start by Believing may have a positive impact on whether victims report or seek help.

Session Objectives:

1. Examine the research on positive and negative responses to disclosures of sexual assault.
2. Recognize the long-term health consequences of sexual assault, and how Start by Believing can be used as a tool for the prevention of those consequences.
3. Explain the potential impact of Start by Believing on victim’s reporting and help seeking behaviors.