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Executive, program & fiscal directors of NYSCADV member programs join forces each spring for an advocacy day related specifically to the New York State Budget. Directors with a detailed understanding of financial administration use this as an  opportunity to educate legislators about the fiscal realities of domestic violence service provision, and advocate for a state budget that takes into account the needs of programs and provides the financial support necessary to keep them open and operating.


Domestic violence advocates, agency staff, survivors and allies join with NYSCADV staff each May to relay a unified message to the State Legislature and Governor. Activities include advocating for passage of meaningful legislation to ensure survivors of domestic violence receive the support they need. In addition, the Assembly and Senate typically pass resolutions proclaiming the date as Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Day in the State of New York.


The NYSCADV Directors’ Summit is an opportunity for executive directors, program directors and other administrators at NYSCADV Member Programs to come together on an annual basis to delve deeper into critical conversations that affect service provision in New York State. The Directors' Summit serves as an essential coalition building space where programs can learn from each other's experience to gain a statewide perspective and develop a unified voice regarding important issues.


 The Annual Membership Meeting is an annual event designed to provide:

  • an overview of NYSCADV's activities and plans for the upcoming year; 
  • updates from NYSCADV Regional Representatives about regional service delivery successes and challenges;
  • a forum for programs from across the state to network and get a state-wide perspective on domestic violence services; and
  • professional and organizational development opportunities.


NYSCADV staff members participate on a number of state and national committees, projects and contracts. The projects and their leadership include:

The Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Council

A voluntary association of domestic violence coalitions working in partnership with allied national organizations committed to enhancing the capacity of state/territory domestic violence coalitions and community-based domestic violence programs to advance a comprehensive national prevention agenda and broaden support for its full implementation at the national, state, territory and local levels.

Protecting Victims Through Community Supervision of Intimate Partner Abusers

Led by the American Probation and Parole Association and funded by the Office on Violence Against Women, the goal of this project is to build the capacity of community corrections personnel to respond more effectively to domestic violence cases through a variety of training programs designed to develop expertise and skills in promoting victim safety and offender accountability. Through this project, APPA and its partner organizations,the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NYSCADV) and the Battered Women’s Justice Project (BWJP) will provide basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level training to community corrections staff, and will develop and deliver specialized training and technical assistance.

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