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Call Script

Budget Advocacy Day

Urgent action is needed to ensure DV service providers have the funding they need to provide critical, life-changing services to all New Yorkers experiencing domestic violence. To increase our impact, we are asking advocates to contact their state legislators on February 28, 2024 to make them aware of our 2024 budget requests.

To simplify the process for you, we have developed this template script for you to use when calling legislative offices. We encourage you to tailor the script to highlight information you feel your legislators should be aware of (impacts to your program, what you are seeing in the field, nuances specific to DV programs and the victim/survivors you work with, etc.).  

Template Phone Script

Hello, my name is [name] and I am a/an [advocate, program director, director, executive director, etc.] at [name of your organization]

I am calling to urge [Senator/Assembly Member (name of legislator)] to support dedicated funding in the FY’24-’25 budget to ensure the continuity and sustainability of domestic violence services across New York. 

Thousands of New Yorkers rely on the care we provide. Our work is critical and without our program, DV victims would have nowhere to turn. Yet funding for DV programs like ours has been cut or level funded for years. Programs have cut programs, lay off staff, and obtain loans or lines of credit to keep our doors open. And because we can’t offer living wages, even those who want to continue doing the work can’t afford to do so.

I urge [Senator/Assembly Member (name of legislator)] to support $134.4 million in this year’s budget to cover the shortfall in federal VOCA funding and support including DV advocates in this year’s COLA.

Without these proposals, DV programs will be unable to meet the demand for our services.

Thank you!