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Social Media

Budget Advocacy Day

Use Social Media Platforms to Advocate for DV Survivors

On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, domestic violence advocates, survivors and allies will call on New York State lawmakers to increase funding for domestic violence services across the State. We have developed the following social media content, to assist in your advocacy efforts.

Take Action on Social Media

Use the hashtags #DVFundingNowNY and #ThisIsPersonalToUs in your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. 

Share social media posts directly from NYSCADV social media accounts and/or create your own from the samples below. 

Call and/or email your legislators to urge their support for survivors and the DV programs that support them. (Click here to view 2024 Budget Priorities)

Sample Posts 

Requests for DV services in New York have increased 60% in the last five years. On just one day in 2023, more than 10,000 requests for DV services were received by NY’s DV programs. Worse, more than 1,000 of those requests could not be fulfilled. We urge the NYS Legislature to accept the $134.4 million to cover the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) shortfall.

DV advocates are essential, frontline workers whose work requires specialized skills and training. It is a 24/7 job, requiring us to meet DV survivors where they are – at the police station, in court or the hospital – to provide critical, life-saving services. DV advocates have never received a cost-of-living adjustment on the contracts we have with New York State. We urge the NYS Legislature to support legislation to include DV advocates in this year COLA.

Urgent action is needed to increase wages for DV advocates or hundreds of vacancies will remain open. DV survivors will bear the brunt of New York’s failure to fully fund DV programs. 

Invest in DV programs NOW! Support survivors!  Invest in services! #DVFundingNowNY

Act now to keep the DV safety net whole. Invest in the future of these critical services. #DVFundingNowNY 

ATTENTION NYS! We have the greatest demand for DV services, and we need the strongest statewide network of DV services in the country.  #DVFundingNowNY

New York’s DV programs are insufficiently funded while doing everything in their power to keep survivors safe. #DVFundingNowNY #ThisIsPersonalToUs

Support the life-saving work of domestic violence service providers. Include DV advocates in the COLA. #ThisIsPersonalToUs