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Materials for Legislators

Day of Action

Below you will find materials to assist with legislator meetings including a meeting request template, sample email, and legislator packet materials. Please tailor these materials to highlight any information you feel your legislator(s) should know about your program, community, or local trends.

NYSCADV memos of support for priority legislation can also be found below. These will be included in all legislator leave behind folders.

Meeting Request Template

Dear {Senator/Assembly Member},

I am ____________(name), _______________(position, title) at _____________(organization), a community-based program providing services to New Yorkers experiencing domestic violence and their families.

I am e-mailing to request a meeting with {Senator/Assembly Member} during the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s (NYSCADV’s) 2023 Day of Action, on May 2, 2023.

On 2023 Day of Action, I will be joining domestic violence advocates, survivors, and allies from around the state in asking legislators to intentionally invest in and reimagine DV funding. Simply put, New York’s DV service delivery system is at a tipping point – one that we will surely cross unless New York chooses to invest in these critical services.  We will also be elevating four bills that will significantly enhance DV survivor experiences.

I look forward to meeting with {Senator/Assembly Member} to discuss these important issues. Please let me know when the Senator/Assembly Member is available.



Memos of Support