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Dismantling Oppression

Prevention Toolkit

Dismantling Oppression

Resources contained under this category will address the ways we can, and must, engage with our communities and work to acknowledge the interconnectedness of all forms of oppression – racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, adultism, ableism, etc. – Challenging imbalances of power are key to creating a healthy and safe community, a community which views all of its members as valuable, ensures access to resources and opportunities and which views violence, including institutional violence, as intolerable and works in partnership and as allies to prevent it.

  • These videos and discussion guides gathered together by Futures Without Violence are intended to be used by domestic and sexual violence advocates and activists to spark conversations on the ways that racism and oppression have shaped our anti-violence movements and how we can dismantle racism in our organizations and communities. In these videos, you will hear from advocates and organizers who discuss their own experiences, perceptions, and journeys of practicing anti-racism as a means of ending gender-based and intimate violence. We invite you to view these videos with an open heart, on your own or with others.

  • This is a four-part virtual webinar series, led by Zoe Flowers from Women of Color Network, to explore the way forward as victim service providers continue to pivot and adapt as a result of the current health crisis and also leverage this moment of change to better support crime victims from communities of color.

Black Lives Matter Protests | BrainPOP
Use this movie to teach your kids about the mass protests happening in cities around the world.

Culturally-Informed Prevention: Preventing sexual and domestic violence in communities of color  

Sponsored by CALCASA. Presenters in this webinar recording will share how they consider history and social and culture norms to not only resonate with communities, but also build on strengths to prevent sexual and domestic violence.

Nothing for Us Without Us: Troubling Affinity Spaces in Times of Catastrophe

Sponsored by CALCASA. This workshop will share strategies by Black Women’s Blueprint where Black feminists have devised new praxis and evolved pedagogies of prevention at the intersection of radical models of restorative justice, truth and reconciliation and full criminal justice system abolition. The workshop invites us into work grounded in spirit. Building on the CDC adopted socio ecological model, the workshop will detail how we can use actual physical spaces inside our communities for liberation and application of eco psychologies to prevent racist and misogynist violence. It will detail how we can fashion interventions responsive to the profound effects of injustice, violence and exploitation on our psychological, communal and ecological well being. The workshop will detail how a commitment to co-creating vibrant communities while surfacing indigenous understandings of human connection with the natural world can save us all.

UNRAPABLE: Racism, Hypersexualization, and Sexual Assault in Black Communities

Sponsored by CALCASA. In this presentation, Nwando Ofokansi from the Katie Brown Educational Program links anti-black racism and oppression to the prevalence of sexual violence in Black communities. The presenter provides a historical background of racism in Black communities and highlights the connection to the silence of Black female rape survivors. Using real-life case studies and examples from media, interactive exercises and discussions, this workshop teaches better and effective ways of preventing and responding to sexual violence of Black women and provides recommendations for best practices.