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Cultural Safety


  • A list of resources to help parents approach their children’s schools to advocate for a more inclusive approach to discussing Thanksgiving. These resources will also be useful for teachers wanting to alter their approach to teaching about Native peoples and Thanksgiving. The toolkit is collected by Gaelle Marcel.

  • The term “cultural safety” was developed in the 1980s in New Zealand in response to the indigenous Maori people’s discontent with nursing care. Maori nursing students and Maori national organizations supported the theory of “cultural safety,” which upheld political ideas of self-determination and de-colonization of Maori people. Cultural Safety focuses on teaching students about colonial history and its impact on Indigenous peoples, rather than on increasing knowledge about Indigenous customs and health beliefs.

  • This webinar will address the multitude of factors that affect the safety and well-being of women and children living with domestic violence. This webinar will try to help society understand why we need to shift our focus from asking why women stay to asking “Why do men abuse women?”