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New York State Services and Resources


OCFS Native American Services

Government Office of Children and Family Services, (OCFS)' Native American Services (formerly known as the Bureau of Indian Affairs) responds to the needs of Indian Nations and their members both on reservations and in the state's other communities.

Seven Dancers Coalition

The mission of the seven dancers coalition is to uplift the families of Indigenous Communities by educating and restoring traditional values with the purpose of strengthening self-confidence and dignity. We strive for an environment of peace and tranquility to heal all indigenous spirits.

Three Sisters Program

Operates a 24/7 secure shelter facility whose operations provide crisis response and support services to victims of abuse, violence, assault, harassment, and crisis from domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

All Our Relations Project of Native American Community Services of Erie and Niagara Counties

“All Our Relations” Project, A New Initiative to Improve Relations between Native & Non-Native Communities and to Contribute to the Health & Wellbeing of the Native American Community & Friends.