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Participant Materials

Day of Action

Thousands of New Yorkers experience domestic violence every day. Despite a tremendous demand for housing and other assistance, New York does not sufficiently fund DV services, preventing victims from getting the help they deserve. Contact your NYS Senators and Assemblymembers. Below you will find materials to help you prepare for the day.


Day of Action Teach In Series

To help prepare for our re-imagined event, we are preparing a three-part teach-in series covering everything you need to know. Sign up for one, two, or all three sessions. Although we highly encourage attending live sessions, the series will be recorded and shared.

Part 1: Need to Know

Starting with the basics. This session will cover event logistics (meeting space, event plans, getting around the Capitol, meeting with legislators) and general messaging including social media plans.

Part 2: Legislation 101

Learn about the priority legislation and critical asks NYSCADV has identified for our legislators.

Rally Like You Mean It

Sometimes the best way to raise awareness and bring attention to an issue you care about is to rally in community. The most critical piece of a rally is shaping the narrative. This session will cover best practices for rallying and harnessing the power of a narrative. After all, you’re the expert.