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2023 Budget Advocacy Day

Budget Advocacy Day

2023 Budget Advocacy Day Virtual Toolbox

NYSCADV’s 2023 Budget Advocacy Day (BAD) is scheduled for Tuesday, February 14, and YOU ARE INVITED!  

We are thrilled to be convening in person this year at the NYS Capitol for the first time in three years, advocating for budget initiatives that ensure the continuity and sustainability of New York’s domestic violence services.  Can’t join us in person? Not a problem. Uplift BAD messaging on social media and with legislators through emails, phone calls and virtual meetings.  

Our 2023 budget requests include: 
Support DV Staffing by Setting Living Wage Floor of No Less than $21/hour for All State-funded Human Services Workers and Providing an 8.5% COLA to All State-Funded Human Services Contracts; 
Double TANF set aside for non-residential DV services to $6 million to meet high demand and adjust for inflation; 
Carry forward $14.4 million transfer to OVS for crime victim services and earmark additional $11.7 million for legacy crime victim service providers that received cuts under new contracts; and 
Move away from competitive grants for DV funding by adding organizational viability language for all state-administered federal grants used to support DV services. 

If you would like to assist NYSCADV in spreading the message, please use the tools below or contact us at

Identify who your representative is and find their contact page or email. You can do that by visiting the following links: