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2022 Budget Advocacy Day Virtual Toolbox

NYSCADV’s 2022 Virtual Budget Advocacy Day will be held on Tuesday, February 15. Domestic violence advocates and survivors are encouraged to contact their elected officials to discuss priorities and State budgetary issues. To ensure the continuity and sustainability of New York’s domestic violence services, these are the 2022 budget requests:

  1. Earmark $25 million in the FY’22-’23 budget to extend current contracts with all victim assistance providers; 
  2. Remove the Governor’s proposal to mandate a 40-hour training and certification for all DV advocates (Part H of the PPGG budget); 
  3. Increase the TANF set aside for non-residential DV services to $6 million; and, 
  4. Maintain the Governor’s $5 million appropriation in OCFS’ Aid to Localities Budget to implement a flexible funding model pilot project. 

If you would like to assist NYSCADV in spreading the message, please use the tools below or contact us at

Identify who your representative is and find their contact page or email. You can do that by visiting the following links:

NYSCADV Budget Advocacy Day Prep Webinar 2022

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