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Beyond Bouquets: A Mother’s Day Card Contest

Primary Prevention

As part of our Because We’re Dads Initiative, NYSCADV is providing this campaign structure of DV programs to use in their primary prevention initiative programs as a tool to engage fathers and father figures by inviting dads to help craft (with your child(ren) Mother’s Day cards that honor mothers and mothering and help promote gender equality.  Please feel free to take the information below and adapt to your organization's needs.

An Invitation for Dads to join with their Children to Create a Joint Arts Project Honoring Mother’s Day

One of the best ways that dads can honor mothers on Mother’s Day (and every other day) is to do our part to help prevent, address and ultimately eliminate domestic and dating violence.

There is so much more dads can do to honor and celebrate Mother’s Day than buying flowers and a card! Mother’s Day can be a day to honor and celebrate mothers and mothering and be a way that dads can advance gender equality more broadly.

[Insert ORG Name] is inviting dads and their children to create artwork together for Mother’s Day cards exploring our Mother’s Day theme “Beyond Bouquets.”

Some ideas to help develop your submissions:

  • Why is mothering important to you as a dad?
  • What is the role of dads in supporting mothers and mothering?
  • How can dads support their sons, daughters and gender non-conforming/gender-queer kids to honor mothers and mothering (on Mother’s Day and beyond)?
  • What role does the concept of gender equality play in your relationship with your child(ren)’s mother(s)?

We’re seeking two age categories for these entries:

  • Dads and male caregivers parenting 5 – 12 year olds
  • Dads and male caregivers parenting 13 – 18 year olds

How to Participate

You can submit your entry that expresses the theme, Beyond Bouquets, anytime from [INSERT CONTEST TIMEFRAME]. Voting will take place and winners will be announced [INSERT DATE AND METHOD OF NOTIFICATION]

  • Start by reviewing the contest details and guidelines below
  • Create your submission.
  • Register your Mother’s Day Card in the contest
  • Get votes! Share with your network through emails and social media! Voting will include a vote via Facebook. A panel of expert judges (Dads and caregivers themselves,) will choose from among the submissions that received the highest number of Facebook votes in that group.

Contest Registration

It's easy to sign up and get involved! Register today

We’re seeking two age categories for these entries:

Dads and male caregivers who are parenting 5 – 12 year olds

Dads and male caregivers who are parenting 13 – 18 year olds

There is no cost to participate.

Voting & Prizes

The deadline for entry submission is [DATE]. Just in time so that you can also present your card to a Mom or caregiver on Mother’s Day (May 9th!) Voting will take place on [DATE] and the winners in each age group will be announced promptly.   A panel of expert judges will choose from among the submissions that received the highest number of Facebook votes in that group.  

Winners will have their submissions featured in  prevention education and awareness materials, such as the  webpage, resources, and social media channels. A profile of the artists and their winning submissions will also be shared in  monthly newsletter.  

Thank you for your involvement and support!

By raising awareness about what men can do to address gender equity and promote healthy relationship behaviors, we can work together to help children and young people to have safe and healthy relationships free from violence and coercion. Learn more here. 

Contest Guidelines:

By submitting this entry into [ORGANIZATION] Beyond Bouquets, Mother's Day Card Contest:

  • I acknowledge that the [ORGANIZATION] has my permission to use my submission and statements (or those of my minor child) contained therein in all forms of [ORGANIZATION] media. 
  • I understand that I (or my child) will not be paid for the use of my submissions.
  • I grant [ORGANIZATION] the right to use my (or my minor child's) image submission for publicity, promotional or educational purposes without notification or compensation. I understand that credit will be given to the artist for any submissions utilized. 
  • I understand that [ORGANIZATION] maintains the right to reproduce, reprint, distribute, display or exhibit the submission on their website, at conferences or any other venues. 
  • I certify that I (or my minor child) have not used copyrighted, trademarked, or branded material in my submission. 
  • I give permission for my entry to be published and displayed for contest purposes.  I acknowledge my submission is aligned with contest guidelines and recognize that [ORGANIZATION] reserves the right to not accept entries that are not compliant with contest guidelines. 
  • I understand that priority will be given to positive messaging. We ask that submissions be aligned with [ORGANIZATION]s core values, mission and vision. Submissions should not depict violence, vulgarity, or partisan/political messaging. Here is the link to [ORGANIZATION] Mission.
  • I transfer copyright for my entry to be used in events and publications made by [ORGANIZATION].  
  • I guarantee that this entry is an original work and does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of another.